Whose Side Is God On?

Heavyweight champion Joe Louis was once asked to help raise money for the Navy Relief Society. In preparing him for his speech he was advised to begin by saying, “My fellow Americans, God is on our side.”
But he was nervous and as he was walking up the steps to the stage, he stumbled and lost his concentration. When he reached the microphone he began his remarks by saying, “My fellow Americans, we are on God's side.”
In the book of Exodus we have an interesting story of Aaron allowing the children of Israel to get completely out of control. Even their enemies were amused at their unruly behavior. When Moses saw this, he shouted to the people, “All of you who are on the Lord's side, come here and join me. And all the Levites gathered around him.” Moses then sent them into battle and after they were victorious he said to them, “Today you have earned a blessing.”
The Levites did not earn a blessing because the Lord was on their side, but because they were on the Lord's side. Often as Americans we expect God to bless us because we assume that He is on our side. God does not work that way. We must be on His side.
Prayer: Father, may we take seriously the fact that we as a nation must repent of our sins and return to Your ways to be blest! In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Exodus 32:25-26, 29 So he stood at the entrance to the camp and said, “Whoever is for the Lord, come to me.” And all the Levites rallied to him.

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