Old Enough To Do As I Please

Tommy came home from school with a question mark all over his face. He and his friends had an intense discussion about decisions and life styles. As the family sat around the dinner table that evening he looked at his Dad and asked,  “How soon will I be old enough to do what I please?”
“I don’t know,” came the response. “Nobody has ever lived that long yet.”
Freedom for the Christian is not doing as one pleases. It is freedom in Christ who gives us the power to do what pleases God. It is in Him and through Him and because of Him that we have the freedom to live a life free from sin and no longer be slaves to things that would destroy us or the guilt that would enslave us.
Think of it this way: A train pulling a long line of freight or passenger cars is only free as long as it remains on the tracks. Once it leaves the tracks it is no longer free because it has lost its path – the structure provided by the rails – that securely guides it.
So it is with Christians. As long as we stay in the Word – God’s tracks – to keep us safely moving toward our destination – life with Him, is safe.
Prayer: We thank You for Your Word, Father, that provides us the safety, security and structure that we need to live a life of freedom from sin. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Romans 6:12-18 And having been set free from sin, you became slaves of righteousness.

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