Slippery Roads

Driving through a fierce snow storm Greg lost control of his car and it slipped into a deep ditch. A truck stopped and the driver got out and surveyed the situation. After a few moments he yelled at Greg and said, “Hey, you, let me tell you how to drive on slippery roads.”
“Forget it!” said Greg. “I don’t need advice, I need help.”
David knew what it was to need help. On one occasion he cried out, “I entrust my spirit into your hand. Rescue me, Lord, for You are a faithful God.”
David demonstrated his complete faith in God when he proclaimed these words. And Jesus, when He was dying on the cross, showed His absolute confidence in God when He uttered this same phrase. And Stephen repeated these identical words when he was being stoned to death, confidently expressing his Hope in God as he was passing into eternity.
How blest we are to be able to join David, Jesus and Stephen in knowing that we can say with no hesitation, “I entrust my spirit into your hand, Lord.” It does not matter what we have or what we do, whether we live alone or have large families, whether we manage great corporations or work alone and unnoticed. We have the same opportunity as they did to entrust ourselves and all that we have or ever will have to Him.
Prayer: How grateful we are, Heavenly Father, to know that we can – if we choose – trust You to care for and be with us in and through all the dangers of life. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 31 …Into your hand I entrust my life; you will rescue me, O LORD, the faithful God…

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