When Do We Start Getting Smaller?

When he was a child Little Tommy was fascinated as he stood in the back yard and watched airplanes get smaller as they disappeared over the horizon. He would stand motionless, sometimes even holding his breath, as he watched this amazing sight time after time.
Day after day he would beg his grandmother to “take me flying on one of those airplanes.” Finally, the day came when his grandmother took him on his first flight. After he was buckled in his seat and the air craft sped down the runway and began to ascend into the clouds, a puzzled look came across his face. Anxiously, he turned to his grandmother and asked quietly, “Grandmother, when do we start getting smaller?”
This is an important question for all Christians!
John the Baptist played a most significant role in the ministry of Jesus. He realized that God gave Him an important work to do to introduce Jesus to the world. This was his main purpose in life. And he did it well. God, because of his faithfulness, made him an important person in the history of our faith.
But when Jesus appeared, John realized that his role in doing God’s work changed. Not only does his willingness to decrease in importance describe an example of what humility is, but it prescribes clearly the role of every Christian today: We are to witness God’s grace to others without drawing attention to ourselves.
Prayer: Lord, may we willingly step aside, as John did, as we present Your Son to the world. May we do what we do for You and You alone and only exalt Christ. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: John 3:30-36 He must increase, but I must decrease.

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