But Is It Your Psalm?

The 23rd Psalm has been called “Everybody’s Psalm” because it describes how God can meet all the needs of every Christian.
Are you looking for direction? The Lord will be your Shepherd providing you direction and safe passage throughout life.
Are you in need? As our Shepherd, He has everything we need.
Are you tired? He will provide the rest you need in meadows that are green and peaceful.
Are you anxious? He will lead you beside peaceful streams.
Are you weak? He will provide all the strength you need from His resources.
Are you having difficulty finding your way through life? He will lead you along right paths.
Are you going through dark valleys? He will walk beside you and protect your every step of life’s journey with His might.
Are you hungry? He will prepare a feast for you even though you are surrounded by your enemies.
Are you weary of life’s journey? He will anoint you with His refreshing, healing oil.
Is your cup empty? He will fill it until it overflows with mercy and goodness and thoughtfulness.
And His unfailing love will surround you until you are with Him in His house. Forever.
Prayer: We rejoice in the goodness of Your grace, our Father, knowing that You will always care for Your own. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 23

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