Triumph Over Trials

Once, while I was reading a newspaper, my young son was trying to get my attention. He had an urgent need for me to recognize his presence and respond to his request. But I was absorbed in the news.
“Dad,” he said, “I’m talking to you!”
“Yes, son, I’m listening,” I replied.
“I know you are listening, Dad, but can you hear me?” was his embarrassing question. There is an obvious difference between listening and hearing. It is easy to listen without recognizing the presence of the person trying to get our attention. When we actually hear someone, the message goes to our heart and we can sense their feelings and do something about their needs.
David said, “Turn and answer me, O Lord, my God!” He feared that God had abandoned him, turned His face in the other direction and he was on his own. He was so discouraged that he felt the light of God had left his eyes and he would die. But that was only a temporary, fleeting feeling and he did not give up. In fact, he recalled God’s presence and protection in the past and knew that God would never abandon him. 
So, he was able to declare, “I trust in your unfailing love!” And he turned his worry into worship.
Notice what he said: “I will rejoice” and “I will sing” – two central themes in true worship. David did not wait for his problems to pass. In the midst of his difficulties he stopped worrying and began to worship. Why? “Because he has been so good to me!”
Prayer: Help us, Heavenly Father, to base our faith on the facts in Your Word not our fleeting feelings. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 13:6 I will sing the LORD’S praise, for he has been good to me.

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