Challenging God

Knowledge is one thing. Knowing is quite another. We may know about someone and yet not know that one as a person. We may know the “vital statistics” about a person and never know the “hidden stories” kept deep inside. To get to know someone usually involves the other person disclosing some personal, sensitive and previously unknown things.
David wanted to know God. Really know Him. So he prayed: “Show me, teach me, lead me.” He knew of God but wanted to understand what it meant for Him to be the Lord of his life. Notice what he did.
First, he said: “Show me!” Here he asked Got to “reveal” Himself so David could actually see what He was like. If, we like David, want to see a true representation of what God is like we need to look deeply into His Word. It is impossible to know God apart from His without mastering the content of His Word.
Secondly, he said, “Teach me!” If we have truly repented we will want God to teach us His ways, come to understand His will for our lives and become obedient to His teachings and commandments. And God will show us His way if and when we truly desire it. But, only then.
Finally David courageously said, “Lead me in Your Truth.” He realized that he could not be successful in his walk with God if he was not willing to completely surrender his life to Him. He didn’t ask God to “be there when I need you,” or “answer when I call.” No! He wanted God to open His eyes to the eternal truth and then he would willingly follow Him.
Prayer: Father, may we willingly open our minds and hearts to Your truth, to learn from You and then serve You. In Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 25:4 Show me your ways, LORD, teach me your paths.

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