Choices And Consequences

Failure is never a welcome guest. Nor does one choose failure to be an associate or companion. Yet it is something that often invades our lives even though it is unwanted. Yet, from it we can learn some of life’s most valuable lessons.
In Psalm 21 David begins with shouts of praise: “How the king rejoices in Your strength, O he shouts with joy because You gave him You gave him a You preserved his life.” Here we find David rejoicing and praising his Lord for the gracious gifts that He gave him. He praised God for granting him the desires of his heart and giving him victory over his enemies.
But notice carefully: he realized that the source of his strength, the joy of his victories, his golden crown and the preservation of his life all came from his Lord. He recognized God as his source of strength, survival and success. And in doing so, he gave thanks!
David learned from his mistakes. And wisely, when he came humbly from his victories, he knew who to thank: His victories came from the Lord and he acknowledged it.
God often allows us to experience the agony of defeat and the sorrow of disappointment to learn that we must rely on Him for everything, every day. In this Psalm David reminds us that his strength, joy, victory, rewards and protection all come from God. He learned from experience to trust God. What a great lesson for us.
Prayer: Help us, Lord, to realize that we can only expect victory if we look to You for our needs. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 21:1 The king rejoices in your strength, LORD. How great is his joy in the victories you give!

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