Our Source Of Security

Life is unpredictable. Rarely does a day pass without someone or something interrupting our best laid plans. We look forward to days without worry and nights that are peaceful. Then, suddenly and without our permission, we are jolted into the realm of the unknown and the unexpected. We strive to be safe and secure but we have no assurance that tragedy will not strike without warning.
Psalm 23 is no doubt the world’s most loved psalm. The helpless image of sheep who want to stray from the flock and their need for protection by an ever present and always watchful shepherd gives us comfort and calmness. We all need and want that kind of Shepherd. It gives hope and assurance that we will never be left alone during the dark hours of life and that we will never have to face dangerous valleys or dimly lit pathways by ourselves.
In this psalm David presents a picture of God that reveals His love, His loyalty and His presence. As long as we live we can say He is “my” shepherd – not “a” shepherd or “someone else’s shepherd” but “my” very own shepherd who watches over me and every step we take.
And finally, when we are face to face with the certainty of death after the uncertainties of life, we know that He is – not might be – but actually is with us as we “pass through” the dark valley of death and enter into eternity where we will enjoy His presence forever!
Prayer: We are grateful to You, Lord, for giving us Your peace, presence and protection, today and every day and that You, our Creator, are also our Shepherd. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 23:1 The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

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