Beyond Gifts

Often we deceive ourselves without realizing it. Our hearts can be deeply moved when we learn of an urgent need to do something special for our Lord. We gladly give sometimes, to the point when we ourselves have to do without. That is God-honoring and will not go unnoticed by Him. We tend to take great satisfaction when He honors us for our faithfulness to Him.
And no doubt there have been times when we have done this and God has blessed us in ways that we never thought possible. Again, it is His way of blessing us for blessing Him. And heaven rejoices.
But David reminds us that there is something more that God wants from us than any gift we could give Him. In fact, he says that “sacrifices and offerings,” even “burnt offerings and sin offerings you not require. What is it, then that You want from me God?”
After a moment he said, “Then I realized” that what You want is ME! And he continued by exclaiming: “Here I am. I have come back and desire to do Your will. Your law is within my heart.” He could not escape God’s presence. God’s law was written in his heart and it was His Word that convicted him.
David realized that none of his possessions made any difference to God. Nothing he had given or could give to God was of any significance – now or in the future. God wanted him completely to Himself to do whatever He, his Master, had for him to do. David, the Lord’s anointed, finally presented himself in complete dedication to his God.
Prayer: Lord, may Your Spirit trouble our hearts and give us no peace until we surrender ourselves to You to do the work You have for us. Let us be the gift You most desire. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 40:8 I desire to do your will, my God; your law is within my heart.

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