Eternal Tears

One day, John promised us, “God will wipe away all tears.” Sickness and sadness, sorrow and suffering – whatever causes people pain or problems – will be gone, banished forever. We all look forward to that special day!
So it is strange when David said that “God will record my sorrows, and list my tears on His scroll and in His record.” Whatever could be God’s reason for doing this to David? And might He do the same to us? Does it make sense that God would make a permanent record of grief – David’s grief and our grief as well?
God knew of David’s suffering and He knows when we suffer. Our God is a God who cares for us and has compassion for us when we are gripped with grief. Why keep such a record?
Because God will respond to our suffering!
Too often when we are overcome with illness or are struggling with sickness, we turn to the products we have stored in our medicine cabinet or to the countless remedies on the shelves of our pharmacies. And if and when they do not work we turn to a physician and seek his counsel and cure. It is the normal thing to do.
Unfortunately, all too often we only pray when all else fails. It is as if God was not aware of our sickness or had no time to be concerned with our health.
Not so, says David. God has a permanent record of each and every tear that falls from our eyes because they matter to Him. This is His way of saying, “I do care!”
Prayer: Thank you, Father, for Your constant concern and never-ending care. We praise You for our well-being. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 56:8 Record my misery; list my tears on your scroll — are they not in your record?

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