He Never Quit!

We are reminded throughout God's Word that He has given us the gift of choice and its consequences. Nowhere are we told that we cannot choose our destinies. But we are told that our choices determine our destinies.
Even a casual reading of the New Testament tells us that there were those who followed Jesus because they wanted to get something from Him for selfish reasons. We read that when things looked horrible at His trial those who had been with Him for years fled for their lives. In His days of glamour and glory they were close by His side. There were others who wanted to be with Him but they refused to make any sacrifices and went their own way.
A graduate of a Midwestern university was just an average student. He played sports but never made any of the varsity teams. He was never elected to any office and did not make it far up the corporate ladder. When war broke out he was among the first to volunteer. After completing basic training he was sent to a war zone in France.
One day in combat he was serving alongside a soldier in the French army. His comrade was severely wounded and with no thought of himself, he made a decision to get him help. Unfortunately, he did not succeed and was killed on his way to find a medic.
The French Government learned of his act of bravery and awarded him The Croix de Guerre – Cross of War. And his alma mater posted a plaque in his honor that read, "He played with the scrubs for four years – but never quit."
The psalmist said, "We will not turn away from You" by quitting.
Prayer: Give us courage, Father, to stand with You and for You when we are tempted to turn from You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 80:18a Then we will never abandon you again.

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