A few years ago I was sitting in the office of a dear friend and orthopedic surgeon. Because of his God-given skills, he was able to correct the misdiagnosis of another physician that enabled me to walk once again.
As we sat and talked, he asked me how things had been going with my health. After explaining my ordeal with cancer and several other illnesses, he looked at me and said very seriously, “You have no reason to be alive!”
But he was wrong.
There was every reason for me to be alive. It was God who brought the healing to my body even though several physicians who worked with Him along the way. David was certainly aware of God’s role in the healing process when he wrote, “and heals all your diseases.” If God is the one who heals all of our diseases, why does He do this? Who is the beneficiary of His healing? Us or Him?
There is no doubt in my mind that God heals us that we might bring honor and glory to Him by serving Him faithfully. If He restores our health, we must realize that it is a gift of His grace and we show our gratefulness to Him by giving Him the glory and working with Him in this, His world.
We can only demonstrate our gratitude to Him, after we thank Him, by what we do for Him. Gratitude is not gratitude unless we become involved in building His Kingdom. Working with Him and through Him is not an option. It is a requirement if He has “healed our diseases.”
Prayer: Lord, we are not our own, but Yours. When You heal us, let us show how thankful we are by serving You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 103:2b And forget not all His benefits:

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