Going In Circles?

A big black lab was watching a little poodle chase its tail around and around. When it finally stopped to catch its breath, the lab asked, “Why are you chasing your tail?”
After a brief pause the poodle replied, “I have been told that happiness is in my tail. So, as soon as I catch my tail, I’ll be happy.”
After a moment’s thought the big lab scratched its ear, looked at the poor poodle that was still panting and said, “I, too, know that happiness is in my tail. And when I chase it, it also keeps running away from me. But when I go about my business, it comes along with me.”
Psalm 119:2 contains a description of the “business” of the Christian: “Blessed are those who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart.”
This brief statement provides a “job description” for Christians who want God’s blessings. If we want God’s blessings, we must be obedient - or “comply” - to His laws. If we are serious about knowing these “laws,” we will study His Word and seek His truth and follow the teachings we find throughout Scripture. Perhaps the biggest issue for Christians is not the laws or requirements of God that we do not know, but the laws or requirements of God that we know but do not follow or keep.
The Psalmist then addressed the issue of motivation. We are to seek Him “with all of our hearts.” Here we find the Psalmist addressing our attitude - or motivation. If our “heart” is right our lives will be right. More than anything else our heart is responsible for the way we live.
Prayer: We ask, Father, that Your Spirit will trouble our hearts until we fill them with and live by Your laws. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:2 Blessed are those who keep His testimonies, Who seek Him with the whole heart!

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