Better Than Silver And Gold

A pastor who served people in a ghetto was visiting a family that was going through a difficult time of making ends meet. As he got up to leave, he noticed an old well-worn Bible on a shelf. As he neared the door, he said, “I saw something in this room that has more value than any amount of money. I wonder if you will ever find it.”
A few days later while dusting the shelves, one of the children discovered the Bible. Taking it to her Dad she asked, “Could this have been what the preacher-man was talking about? Wonder if this is what he meant.”
Holding it very carefully he placed it on the table and took great care to open it. Then he looked down and noticed a verse that was underlined with a red pencil: “The law from Your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.”
He began to weep quietly as his wife and children sat silently around him. Finally, he was able to speak and said, “This is my mother’s Bible. Before she died, she gave it to me and asked me to read it every day and I promised her that I would. But, I let her down and I’ve let you - my family - down. Maybe God led us to this difficult place just so we would find this verse she underlined to help us.”
God works in many strange and subtle ways. He even brings times of difficulty and desperation into our lives to get our attention. He has never promised that our days would always be filled with sunshine and blue skies. But, He has promised that when we look to Him and His Word we will find salvation, hope and encouragement.
Prayer: Help us, Heavenly Father, to realize the wealth we will find in Your Word when we have nothing else left. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 119:72 The law from your mouth is more precious to me than thousands of pieces of silver and gold.

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