Our Good And Great God

“If God did not exist,” Voltaire once said, “it would be necessary to invent Him.” But we who believe in Him know that He does exist and that He is good, great and glorious! We find these facts in Psalm 135.
The Lord “is good.” And with no reservations. He is not good to us because we are good, or “not good” people who are evil. We are wrong when we say to others, “God will not be good to you if you are not good.” He is good to everyone, and His goodness is never conditioned by what we do or do not do. But, He does punish those who willing do what is wrong.
The Lord “is great.” Some good people are not great, and some great people are not good. But our Lord is as great as He is good. After He created “good things” He created us so that He might impart His goodness to us. It is because of His greatness that He is willing to provide us with a variety of His good things to enjoy and in which to find joy, happiness, and pleasure.
The Lord “is glorious.” Our God is above all “gods.” People began to worship when they realized there was more to “what is” than himself or nature. But God revealed Himself to man and man discovered the ever-living, ever-loving, and everlasting God. But, unfortunately, that was not enough, and people continued to “create” gods of their own making - whether a piece of stone in Africa, a piece of gold in America, a bushy god in the jungles, or a mental god in academia.
How great is our God! A God who is great and good and glorious - yet in spite of all that He is, He loves us.
Prayer: Thank You, Father, for Your unending love and desire to reveal Yourself to us. Fill our hearts with awe. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture for Today: Psalm 135:3a & 5a Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good. I know the greatness of the Lord. 

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