Natural Or Normal Or Neither

There are certain words that seem to “ignite” our emotions. When we hear them, we react without thinking, take positions that are rigid and resolute, deep-seated feelings surface causing fear and frustration, and may or may not cause problems. These words are usually attached to memories from our past but impact our actions and attitudes the moment we hear them.
A good example would be the words “love” and “discipline.” On one occasion, Solomon used these two words in one verse: “To learn, you must love discipline.” The word “love” in this verse means “to hold dear or to desire actively.” So, if we want to learn God’s wisdom, we must give it a priority in our life and pursue it actively, believing that it will become a positive influence and assure us of God’s blessings.
“Discipline” in this verse means “to instruct,” or “to willingly be taught the truths of God’s Word.” And, for some this may be a problem. Often God’s instructions – His wisdom – are contrary to our selfish interests and ambitions. When it comes to learning and following God’s instructions, we choose not to “hold them dear to our hearts” and “have a desire to actively pursue them.” We look for moments of happiness and the immediate gratification of pleasures that quickly pass and leave painful memories.
In the final analysis, it’s “neither natural nor normal” to “desire” instruction that goes against our sinful “nature.” But, it is essential if we want the peace of God in our hearts and His presence in our lives and if we want the truths of His wisdom to guard us and guide us throughout life.
PRAYER: Help us, Lord, to be willing to open our hearts and accept Your truths. We know that they are the way to eternal life and the assurance of Your peace and protection. In Jesus Name, Amen.
Scripture For Today: Proverbs 12:1 To learn, you must love discipline; it is stupid to hate correction. 

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