Wise Words Prevent Problems

"Loose Lips Sink Ships" was a widely quoted slogan during World War II. It was part of the US Office of Information’s attempt to limit the possibility of people inadvertently giving useful information to enemy spies. It was one of the several slogans that came under the campaign’s basic message "Careless Talk Costs Lives.” While our talk may not “cost lives” careless words are costly, often harmful, and can cause serious problems.
Years ago, Solomon realized this and said, “Those who guard their lips guard their lives.” It is like placing a boundary around what we want people to know or think about us. Being careful is wise because we will not have to try to explain what we mean if we express an unclear thought or idea. We will not have to apologize or make amends or be fearful for things we might have said that could stain someone’s reputation if we speak unkindly. In fact, later in Proverbs, Solomon said that our “tongues have the power of life and death.”
There is also the person who “speaks rashly.” This person speaks without taking time to think or makes statements that are untrue, intending to hurt, harm, destroy, or take advantage of others. Many of us have endured - even struggled to survive - false stories or outright lies about us as others intended to damage or destroy us. We have been left fearful and unable to trust others because of their unfair words.
But we are to take heart. Our God is a fair and just God and He will, in His own time, make all things right. Those who “speak rashly will come to ruin.”
Prayer: Father, we are grateful that You love us, understand us, and know “who we are.” May we never harm others. May we bring them Your healing and hope, in Jesus’ Name, Amen.
Scripture For Today: Proverbs 13:3 Those who control their tongue will have a long life; opening your mouth can ruin everything. 

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