Trust And Obey

Knowing who or what to trust may be difficult. It may be the result of having someone disappoint us or take advantage of us. None the less, trust once lost, is often costly and difficult to regain.
Years ago a mother and father sat in my office and asked, “Dr. Guido, in light of what our son has done, will we ever be able to trust him again? He has disappointed us time and time again. He has lied to us and he has stolen from us and he has betrayed us. How can we ever believe what he says is true?”
My heart ached as they looked at me. They loved their son dearly. They made many sacrifices on his behalf. They sent him to the best schools and took him to church when he was young. But a gradual change came over him, and they did not know what to do.
After thinking a few moments I replied, “Yes, once we lose trust in someone we love dearly, it causes problems that are difficult to overcome. But, there seems to be one principle that might help you. It begins with keeping our promises. If I say and do it, that’s me keeping my word, and you can begin to trust me. If I say it and don’t do it, I’ve not honored my word, and old doubts will return. The past will invade our minds and hearts, and trust will become more difficult than ever. Keeping my word is the only reason you would have to trust me.”
“Blessed is he who trusts in the Lord.” We know that we can trust the Lord because He has always honored His word. If He said it, He did it - time and time again!
Prayer: How blest we are, Father, to know Your Word and place our trust in You. Your record of doing what You said You would do is revealed in Your Word. Thank You! In Jesus’ Name, Amen
Scripture For Today: Proverbs 16:20 –Whoever gives heed to instruction prospers, and blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord. 

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