The Gifts Of Ancestors

It was a luncheon for art collectors in New York City. Only the wealthy and influential were invited to attend. One lady sitting next to a rabbi, wanting to impress him, asked, “Did you know that one of my ancestors signed the Declaration of Independence?” 

“No, I did not,” he replied. “And did you know that one of mine signed the Ten Commandments?” 

Tracing ancestors back hundreds of years has become an exciting hobby for many individuals. The idea of knowing one’s relatives and where they came from may be impressive and fascinating. And, for others, it may be a reason for pride while others will be embarrassed. 

Many parents take great pride in telling their children about their ancestors, who they were, where they came from, and what they accomplished. But, no doubt, there are far more parents who cannot tell where their children were last night or what they were doing. 

The Psalmist said, “How happy are those who fear the Lord - and follow His ways!” This psalm clearly describes the benefits and blessings that God will give a family that follows His teachings and honors Him in all that they do. His values, defined in this psalm, include love, service, honesty, integrity, and prayer. They are the “essential elements” for every healthy relationship - especially family relationships because they will last into eternity.  

The most significant legacy parents can leave their children is a legacy of a family united in Bible-reading, worship, and attending church together.  

Prayer:  Father, we pray that all families everywhere will place You and Your Word at the center of their home and honor You. May parents understand their responsibilities. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Scripture For Today: How joyful are those who fear the Lord - all who follow his ways! Psalm 128 

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