God Works

“Do you know what U.N. stands for?” he asked.

“The United Nations,” I replied quickly and confidently.

“Not at all,” was his reply. “It stands for Unsettled Nations,” he informed me. 

Then he continued, “Does the Lord care about the condition of the nations of the world? And, if He does care, why doesn’t He intervene and make things better?”

 “Yes, He cares,” I answered. “But we need to see how God has intervened in historical writings by studying His Word so we can understand what He is doing today.” 

History shows one nation to be at the center of God’s attention: Israel. Psalm 105:24 describes what we might call an “explosion of people.” It reads, “The Lord made His people very fruitful. He made them too numerous for their foes.” We have often heard that there is “strength in numbers.” Here we see this “in action.” As the Israelites grew in numbers, they grew in strength, and they were able to overcome their adversaries. 

It was this “strength in numbers” that made the Exodus possible. The historian continues by revealing another fact to us: those “whose hearts He turned to hate His people and to conspire against His servants,” were led by Moses, His servant, and Aaron, His chosen one, to lead them into the land that God had prepared for them. Ultimately, it was their perseverance through persecution that led them to the Promised Land.

Is God involved in the affairs of nations? Indeed He is. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord!” We may not see it now, but we will see it when the time is right. 

Prayer:  Thank you Lord for being our God! May we look to You, Lord, as the only One who can save our nation. May our leaders humble themselves and seek and follow Your guidance. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  The Lord made His people very fruitful. He made them too numerous for their foes. Psalm 105:24, 25

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