Through It All - Trust!

Everyone seems to have a need to be safe and secure. We see warnings everywhere we look and watch for them everywhere we go. They alert us to potential dangers and advise us of impending problems. They are an important part of life. 

There were several times in the life of David when he was forced to flee for his life. Even though he was God’s anointed king, he was not immune to the injustice and hatred of others. Even Saul had a desire to destroy him. 

Once when he was in danger, he stood his ground and said, “I trust in the Lord for protection, so why do you say to me, Fly like a bird to the mountain?” During this time of outward trouble, he looked inside himself and found what he needed: His Lord! 

Our society has become heavily involved in seeking temporary solutions to eternal problems. More individuals than we want to admit are addicted to drugs – whether legal or illegal, prescribed or purchased without proper authority. But those solutions are temporary and only last for a short time and ultimately end in disaster. 

But that is not true if we trust in the Lord. He is more than a stimulus or a sedative; He will become our Savior and remain with us throughout eternity. He does not destroy – He delivers. He does not control us - He transforms us to that which is good, pure, wholesome, and life-giving. No prayer is too hard for Him to answer, and there is no problem too complex for Him to solve. 

Prayer: May we trust in Your power, Lord, to deliver us from sin and protect us from whatever would destroy us. May we accept Your salvation. In Jesus’ Name, Amen. 

Scripture For Today:  I trust in the Lord for protection, so why do you say to me, Fly like a bird to the mountain? Psalm 11:1 

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