Fenced In?

Years ago, one of the most popular songs was, “Don’t Fence Me In!” Its catchy tune and happy words captured the minds of many, and people sang the refrain over and over.

A psychologist became interested in its popularity and decided to conduct a research project to discover why it was so appealing to so many.

His conclusion? Everyone feels as though they are “fenced in” by one thing or another - whether it is a job or a mortgage, unpaid credit cards, or the responsibilities of life in general. Life has a way of building walls around us and we feel “fenced in!”

There is a wall of fear. Life is unpredictable and uncertain. A job, or a loved one, or the reality that our health can be taken from us in a moment. Suddenly, what once was a shield of security is gone. Perhaps forever.

There is a wall of failure. Many find themselves behind this wall because of poor choices, bad advice, or lack of planning, or following the path of least resistance. But failure is not a disgrace - not doing our very best is!

There is the wall of forsaking truth. Often we do not want to admit what is, so we “create” what isn’t and get trapped. One lie always calls for another until the “wall of lies” is so high above us it blocks the light of truth from us.

But we find Good News in God’s Word! There is God’s strength to scale these walls as well as the other walls we build around ourselves or that rise up before us.

“With my God, I can scale a wall,” said the Psalmist. Whatever is before us can be put behind us with God’s help available to us!

Prayer:  Father, there are far too many walls in life to climb without Your help. Thank You for being our Ladder to get us over, around, or through any wall. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  In your strength I can crush an army; with my God I can scale any wall. Psalm 18:29 

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