Don't Give Up!

The endless questions of growing children often become boring and frustrating. There are times when no answer will do, and no explanation is ever sufficient. The child persists and refuses to be satisfied with our best answers. The questions never stop.

Perhaps David had times in his life, as we all do, when it seemed as though his “King” would not answer his questions. It appears that the Lord stood far beyond and above him, unavailable, unable and unwilling to answer him when he called. So, what did David do? He thought that he understood God and did what he knew God expected of him to the best of his ability. Yet we see him standing there in wonder – wanting and waiting to hear a voice, unable to bear the silence.

What was his problem? And do we have this same problem today? Perhaps.

Instant gratification and sudden success do not breed faith in God. But patient expectation and utter dependence on Him does. Perhaps our “fast-food-lanes” and “any-time-bank-tellers” have eroded the importance of waiting and watching and wondering. Hopefully, deep within us, we believe that He will answer our prayers and meet our needs. We know- at least we say we do - that His power is beyond our imagination. David realized this, too.

But, David had an intimate knowledge of God and knew Him personally which we may not. Yet, he asked the who question twice as though His power was not available. But it was! God wanted David to wait and trust and grow. And, God expects the same of us.

Prayer: We know, Lord, that Your power is more than sufficient to meet our needs. Increase our faith to meet our needs and trust in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today:  Who is the King of glory? Psalm 24:8 

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