The High Cost Of Cleanliness

“Liquid gold” is a hot, black-market commodity on the “streets” these days. With rising prices and shrinking incomes, people are becoming creative in making ends meet. One new “industry” is stealing “Tide” – the popular laundry detergent.

Last year, police in Maryland broke up a crime ring that was stealing Tide and taking it to a nail salon that was buying the detergent and then reselling it to stores in other countries. Thieves would fill up their shopping carts with the product and then run for the exit doors.

Tide became the “cleaning agent of choice” because it is such a popular brand and has high resale value. It is used by homes in all countries no matter their income bracket – upper, middle, or lower. One police detective told The Daily, “It’s the item to steal.”

We use cleaning products to get soil out of clothes and soap to get our bodies clean but they will not cleanse our hearts from sin. In fact, when David asked for God’s “cleansing” for his sins, he used the word “purge” which means un-sin me – purify me – from my uncleanness. He was so disturbed by the guilt he felt from the sins he committed that he used a word that was often used to describe the cleansing of a leper’s house. He wanted God to know he was serious and desperate for His cleansing.

Look at his words closely: “blot out,” “wash,” “cleanse me,” “hide Your face from me.” These words enable us to understand how much he wanted God’s forgiveness. His cry for forgiveness opens the curtain of his soul where we see a heart that was broken by sin, a mind deeply troubled because of sin, the solution for the removal of sin, and his need for God to remove that sin and cleanse him.

What an example David set for every one of us!

Prayer: Father, trouble our hearts as You troubled David’s heart when we sin. May we want Your cleansing. Give us no peace until we truly repent. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: Purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow. Psalm 51:7-8a

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