Only One King Is All Powerful

Canute was the king of the Danes in the eleventh century. Under his leadership they overran Britain, the King of Denmark and then the King of Norway. He was recognized as the most powerful man of his time.

One day while standing at the seashore with the waves gently rolling back and forth over his feet, a group of his subjects stood before him and called out, “You are all powerful, O King! There is no one who dare disobey you and nothing can ever stop you.”

As the waves lapped about his feet, he asked, “Will the sea obey me?”

“Command it, O King, and it will!” they responded.

“Sea,” he shouted in a loud voice, “I command you to come no further. Waves, stop your rolling. Do not touch my feet!” Suddenly a large wave erupted from the sea and swept over him.

“Learn a lesson,” he said as he took off his crown. “There is only one King who is all-powerful. It is He who rules the sea and holds the ocean. It is whom you ought to worship and praise and serve above all others.”

How powerful is this “only one King?” The Psalmist wrote, “He stilled the storm to a whisper. The waves of the sea were hushed.”

Often our lives are as troubled as an angry sea. Far too frequently the waves attack us and would wash us into the depths of the unknown. Thunder echoes in our ears and lightning strikes nearby filling our hearts with fear.

Then, just before we are swept under, He stills the storm.

Prayer: We thank You, Father, that the winds of life and the waves of disaster cannot destroy Your beloved. We praise You for Your power and attention. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: He stilled the storm to a whisper. The waves of the sea were hushed. Psalm 107:29

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