Sleep! A Thoughtful Gift From God

Sleep - restful and peaceful sleep - is a nourishing and comforting gift from God.

Researchers who have studied the sleep patterns of humans have discovered that if we are awake for more than twenty-four hours, we do not act normally. Our recall of things that happened in the past fails and response time to events that are going on around us slows down tremendously. People who are normally “gentle and slow to wrath” become irritable and abusive when they are denied their normal amount of sleep.

Some who have difficulty in going to sleep resort to pills. Often the cure is harmful, ending up in a habit that leads to an addiction. Another problem is alertness: the reaction time required to respond to a life-or-death decision may result in tragedy. We all need a certain amount of sleep to function normally and meet the requirements of life.

The best, most nourishing sleep comes from God. In Psalm 127:2 we read, “for He grants sleep to those whom He loves!”

In His Word, we discover that God loves everyone. But, there seems to be a special love for those who have accepted His Son as their Savior and enthroned Him as Lord. Their sins are forgiven, and their relationship with God is as He has designed it to be. They can rest peacefully in His love.

And consider this: When we toss and turn and have a difficult time enjoying a “peaceful sleep,” it may be the Holy Spirit urging us to quote Bible verses and pray.

Prayer:  Help us, Lord, to find our peace and rest in the goodness of Your grace and the depth of Your love. Give us true rest in You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Scripture For Today: For He grants sleep to those whom He loves. Psalm 127:2

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